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About our company

Contardi S.r.l. was established in 1946, initially trading in lab equipment. Starting in 1960, our line of business was extended to manufacturing glass laboratory items and, since 1970, industrial glass components as well. We began manufacturing lighting components in the early nineties. At the beginning of 2004 we at Contardi S.r.l. decided to focus our resources in the industrial and lighting sectors, strengthening our manufacturing capacity and intensifying our production control system as well as introducing new production lines to meet market requirements.

Contardi’s activities are currently distributed over two divisions:

Corporate quality system

In 1999, Contardi S.r.l. implemented a corporate quality system that earned us an ISO 9002 certification. The Contardi Quality System is certified in accordance with UNI EN standard ISO 9001 (Italy TÜV cert. 50 100 3910).
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